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Who Are We?

At J2 Materials, we love crystals. In fact, we have over three decades of working with crystals to advance technology and improve people’s lives. From LEDs to medical therapies to national security to green technology, we’ve done it all. With J2 Materials, we are using our experience and expertise not just to make beautiful gemstones, but to create new, sustainable avenues for scientific discovery and technical evolution using nature’s most fascinating crystal: diamond.





Pristine Single-Crystal CVD Diamond

J2 Materials produces extremely high-quality CVD diamond suitable for not just beautiful large, colorless gemstones, but also optics for advanced synchrotron sources, quantum computer logic, and high-power and high-frequency semiconductor applications. Through trade secrets and patent-pending technology, we can do this at high growth rates over large areas with no sacrifice to material quality.


High purity, natural gases combined with process refinement allows for ultra-pure material.

This allows J2 Materials to produce beautiful colorless stones while also ensuring the most stringent control over electrical properties for sensitive technical applications.


Through novel, patent-pending growth processes, combined with innovative reactor design, J2 Materials is able to realize industry-leading growth rates while maintaining growth homogeneity over large areas. The result is fantastic throughput and the potential to produce high-quality single-crystal epi-ready diamond wafers and true epitaxial GaN on Diamond templates.


Through stringent parameter control and innovative processes, J2 Materials produces diamond of the highest quality. This allows us to produce brilliant gemstones, while also developing ultra-high quality material for semiconductor and research-grade diamond applications.

Image is of J2 diamond topography’s world-leading CVD diamond quality, as analyzed by Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source.


In place of massive, kilometer-scale mines that can be viewed from space, CVD diamonds can be grown in small buildings located in mixed-residential areas. In the process, very small amounts of methane (a tiny fraction of what is used in a home stovetop) are converted into diamond. J2 Materials strives to further minimize its carbon footprint through process efficiency and minimization of source gases.



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