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Diamond material is an example of extremes. The hardest material on Earth. The best thermal conductor known to man. The highest carrier transport ever measured. Within these small stones that nature has given us is a world of possibilities. To take advantage of this fascinating material, however, we must first learn to make diamond in form-factors that we can use for production. Wafers must be large enough to make manufacturing possible yet demonstrate quality that is both suitable for epitaxy and consistent between wafers and between batches.

With over 30 years of combined experience in semiconductor manufacturing and optimization of processes and materials for wafers and epitaxy, the founders of J2 Materials are in a unique position to help realize the world of possibilities that the amazing properties of single-crystal diamond can create.


Satellite repair

High Frequency

Diamond has proven to be the ultimate crystal for high-frequency devices. Thermal properties allow for extremely high switching speeds without sacrifice to signal integrity. Due to its unique properties, diamond allows for higher operational frequencies than any other semiconductor material, including military radar ranges that were not previously possible without large solid-state arrays.

From military to 5G transmission towers, diamond is unparalleled in high-frequency performance. 

Image by Steven Binotto

High Power

With a 2,000 MV/m field strength, diamond is ideally suited for high voltage devices. Moreover, the extreme thermal transport of diamond allows for higher power densities than any other material.

Diamond has already been shown to allow a 50% increase in power density for gallium-nitride devices on silicon-carbide. With continued refinement, this gap will grow larger.

From infrastructure to hybrid & electric cars, the potential for high-power diamond devices is electrifying. 

Image by Christian Wiediger

Intrinsic Diamond

The future of diamond is bright. With new developments occurring in both bulk & surface doping, the potentials for active diamond devices is unlimited.

As a deep-UV emitter, diamond is ideally suited for sterilization & water purification, as well as for lithography.


NV-center quantum wells offer a path to room-temperate stable quantum computations. 

The future of diamond is not yet fully written, but the possibilities are endless.

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